Before you even consider registering and applying for this site, you MUST read these rules. These rules have been composed and will be enforced by the administrators, and if you fail to comply by said rules, you will be deleted from this site. We are not kidding, for we are very eager to display our administrative powers, should you ever try to flout these regulations. Now, with that said, here are the Laws of the Land:

I. General Rules and Regulations

1. Be Respectful. If you cannot respect our members and especially the administrators, we do not want you on the site. If, for some reason, someone has stated any personal interests that do not interest you, do not bash him or her. If we, the administrators, catch or hear of you being disrespectful to anyone on this site, you will be warned and possibly deleted. We will not tolerate such behavior. If you do not respect us, we will not respect you. And this applies to Personal Messaging as well. If we hear that you are harassing any of the fellow members by means of PMing, IMing, or E-Mailing, youíre outta here.
2. Donít run off-topic in the General Area. If there is a place set up for a certain conversation, stick to it. And donít hold personal conversations on the board, because thatís just annoying. If you want to hold a conversation with just one person, send them a PM. Nobody wants to have to run through 19 pages of two people talking in one thread.
3. We expect you all to be mature on this site, which means, if someone gives constructive criticism, take it as such, not a personal blow underneath the belt. This goes back to being respectful, as well. If you have something personal with someone, be respectful, and confront them privately. Respect other opinions.
4. Be nice. We donít want to see two people fighting on our forum. If we see this, you are both outta here, no questions asked. This is to be a nice, friendly site.
5. Donít PM the administrators unless you have a good question. We donít want 20 PMs a day with just ďHey.Ē Or ďDid you read my post?Ē Messages like these will most likely be ignored. And donít email us for any reason but to ask a question that is important, and above all, do not IM us if you donít have permission.
6. If you are going to be away for an extensive amount of time, you MUST let one or all of the administrators know, or else we'll think you've deserted, and we will delete your account(s).
7. DO NOT Advertise anywhere on the site, besides the forum "Advertisements". If we find an advertisement anywhere else on the site, it will be deleted. You must follow the advertising rules as well. Those can be found in the Forum.
8. Don't come onto the site and start changing everyone's plots, especially not the main storyline. If you don't like it, don't join, nobody is forcing you.

II. Applying for a Character

1. In the Application forum, you should find a list of canon characters that are available on this site at the time. If you wish to apply for a canon character, feel free to do so, but note that your application will be scrutinized more thoroughly than a non-canon character application. We are very picky about these canons, and if you dare to maul their set personality apart, youíll be asked to either change the way you play that character or to leave.
2. If you wish to apply for a non-canon character, you had better have a well-written application as well. We DO NOT want Mary Sueís or Gary Stuís. Be original, but donít go wild with it. Donít come up with crazy races like forest elves or part mountain trolls or anything like that. And PLEASE refrain from calling yourself half veela. We know how hard it is to be originalÖ but if your application is outrageously Mary Sue, you wonít be accepted.
3. If we glance at your application and it is about as descriptive as the title of a childrenís book, it wonít be accepted. To have a better chance at getting into the site, make sure you use a lot of detail. Donít make it boring to read, weíll assume your posts will be just as descriptive and just as boring.
4. Don't you dare try and copy someone's family history, or their major traits. If itís been done before, DONíT DO IT!!! We do not want 15 rapists rampaging Hogwarts, we do not want 2789 students who lost their parents early on in life.
5. The maximum amount of characters you can play is SIX (6) (Unless youĎve proven to us that you can play more). We HIGHLY recommend that you have at least one Hogwarts student (canon or non-canon), because (1) during our Hogwartsí attack we would like more than a few students participating, and (2) we, the administrators, would love and respect you forever! Now, doesnít that sound like a good deal? We think so. You can only have THREE (3) Canon characters, but as many non-canons as you wish, as long as you do not exceed the maximum of 6 characters.
6. You must create multiple accounts, one for each of your characters. They must have a First name and a Last name. We don't want to see usernames like "imAgReAtTeAm" or anything like it. First name and last name: Harry Potter. Remember the space. Please don't make us have to insert the space ourselves.
7. If your application does not meet our requirements, we will move your application to "Pending" and you will be able to make necessary revisions there.

III. Posting and Post Content

1. Grammar and Spelling and all that good stuff youíre supposed to have learned in grade school is essential here. If you donít use punctuation in the proper places, or if you canít spell even simple words correctly, you wonít be on this site for very long. Run your post through a spell check on a spell check engine (most Word Applications have this option) before posting, but note that a spell check doesnít always catch every little mistake. We will be very picky in this area, especially in your application.
2. The minimum for each post is 300 words. You must have TWO paragraphs. Please form them properly. We are only looking for LITERATE and ADVANCED RPers, and if that is you, it will be no problem to post TWELVE sentences. Also, if the person you are replying to posts a super long and awesome post, try your best not to post with the minimum. You should have a lot to respond to, and it is common courtesy to reply with the same efforts as they put into it.
3. Everyone, this is not a porn site. Donít start sex scenes willy-nilly. And if you do, please rate your thread accordingly. We know that there are probably going to be a lot of threads with adult content, but don't make that the only thing you write about.
4. Please keep in mind the site plot. We encourage strongly any sub-plots, but donít let those overrule the plot set by the administrators.
5. Please donít Power play, AKA God mode. Donít kill someoneís character without permission, and do not curse them without their knowing. Donít play someone elseís character, unless given permission.
6. If the thread you want to post in is specifically created for a certain person or persons, donít post there. If you wish to have your site open to a certain person, in the description, say [Open To _________]. Donít cut in, thatís rude.
7. Keep your foul language to a minimum, please. Not everyone is tolerant, and we donít want every other word to be a swear word.
Clairvoyance does allow threads with and referring to Adult Content. If you are not comfortable with violence, you should not apply for this site. If you are not comfortable reading threads with sexual content, do not go to threads with the ratings "R" or "NC-17". You have been pre-warned, and you are on your own now.

IV. Hogwarts Classes

1. Each student is required to attend the Hogwarts classes, according to their year. First through Fifth Years are required all core subjects (Charms, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, History of Magic, and Herbology). Third years and above are required to choose three (3) extra classes to attend.
2. NEWT classes may only be attended by sixth year students. Sixth years have the option of dropping classes that they did not meet the OWL requirements.
3. Career Preparation classes are offered to sixth and seventh year students (although not mandatory). These are not in the books, but we thought it'd be a fun addition. If your character has chosen a pathway for a career that is not listed, please send your idea in, via the "Class Application" form and Personal Messenger.
4. The Class Applications are used for ideas of any classes you deem useful to the Hogwarts students. If you have an idea, please view that area of the forums.
5. Classes are for learning, not idle chit-chat. We will allow, however, passing of notes and whispering to a friend, because that is obviously common in a classroom. We don't want it to be boring but it also donít want it to be unrealistic. If a teacher is not posting, wait until they come back on, don't sit around and say:
QUOTE Marco tapped his quill on his desk, sighing heavily. It seemed like Professor Fannypack had been standing there, motionless for ten minutes. Why didn't he just get on with the lesson? Marco grumbled incoherently as he glanced around the room to find something to do...
Your character should not be bored in class, they are too busy learning! Don't sit around and talk about how much your character sucks at the subject. Follow the professor's lead.
6. While you are in class, you are allowed to post in ONE (1) other forum with your character. This is only because not everyone will be online at the same time.
7. A student should never start the thread for a Hogwarts Class. The Professor always begins the class.
These rules are mandatory. Failure to comply will result to public humiliation and/or deletion of your account. We arenít messing around here. We will enforce these rules, and we are not afraid to use our powers to our advantage.